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The purpose of the conference is to bring together both experts and novices in the theory and applications of Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems and aims to encourage and to promote the dialogue between scientists in these fields and to accelerate the progress in some of the most active research areas nowadays. ICDEA is the official conference of the International Society of Difference Equations (ISDE).

The 23rd International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications – ICDEA 2017 will host the General Meeting of the International Society of Difference Equations – ISDE.

Two major events will take place within the General Meeting of ISDE: “Bernd Aulbach Prize” awarded by ISDE for significant contributions and life-time achievements in the field of difference equations and discrete dynamical systems and “Best JDEA Paper Prize” awarded for the best paper published in Journal of Difference Equations and Applications (JDEA) in 2016.

During the conference there will be plenary talks (50 min + 10 min) and contributed talks (25 min + 5 min).

The plenary speakers are outstanding experts in the field and are chosen by the Scientific Committee from various areas of difference equations and dynamical systems. The recipients of the awards “Bernd Aulbach Prize” and “Best JDEA Paper Prize” are invited to be plenary speakers at ICDEA 2017. The contributed talks are welcome and will be considered.

During the conference we will organize a special session for PhD students.


The topics of the conference include recent progress in difference equations, discrete dynamical systems and related areas and their applications to various sciences.


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