The excursion will be organized in July 26, in the afternoon, at one of the most famous Romanian wineries: Recaş Wineries (in Romanian: Cramele Recaş).

During the excursion a guide will present the history of Recaş Wineries, the interior of cellars and the awards. The guests will participate at a wine tasting experience: a qualified expert will present and will offer them for tasting five proofs of representative wines. A special dinner will be offered for all visitors (entrée, main course and dessert) accompanied by the favorite wines selected during the tasting experience.

Several details about Recaș Wineries

Recaş Wineries produce a large variety of very good and excellent wines with a wide international recognition, certified by an impressive number of international awards. Recaş Wineries have a very interesting history that goes back to 1447 and a recent development, after 1998, which classifies them among the most important producers of wine in Romania.

Recaș Wineries produce one of the most distinctive premium white wine in the country: Solo Quinta, which was awarded the Gold Medal at “Vinalies Internationales 2011” Paris. In the same competition Solo Quinta was nominated the best dry white wine, winning the Grand Prize. This award was the most significant distinction received by a Romanian wine. On the other hand, its red brother Cuvee Überland was also among the first Romanian wines with an award of excellence, when it won the gold medal at “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008”.

For visitors, Recaş Wineries will always be a charming place, with a beautiful landscape and a warm hospitality that make them to come back with pleasure.


For more information about Recaș Wineries please visit:   http://cramelerecas.ro/en

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